Gratitude Post

  Coming from a place of gratitude, I was invited as a guest speaker by my friend Ken Somera, persuasion expert, to give a mini-lecture regarding Microexpressions which is one of the things I’m passionate about. COMPLY, a persuasion and influence intensive workshop covered a lot of techniques and concepts that just blew me away. … Continue reading Gratitude Post

In Changing the World

It's my vision to change the world. It may seem a lofty idea because it sounds that the whole world means a group of nations of people. And then a thought came to me, the word "world" can also mean the world of an individual. Changing the world of a person can equate to changing … Continue reading In Changing the World

Savipra Gorospe, Certified Hypnotherapist

The feeling of earning this certificate is beyond measure. I’m thankful for the experience and this symbolizes my ascension towards becoming a master hypnotist. Becoming an internationally certified hypnotherapist under the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotist is truly an honor. Savipra Alexandrio De Jesus Gorospe, CHt, RPm  

University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre: My Personality

It’s been a long fascination of mine to delve in with my personality and the personality of others. Along the way, I’ve found OCEAN Big Five to be a reliable indicator of personality traits, connect it with MBTI, specifically Cognitive Functions, you will get almost an accurate portrait of the person based on their personality. … Continue reading University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre: My Personality