My skills are out of sheer will of pure self-study and discipline. I am self-trained and read countless books about body language. and practiced from theory to application; also trained of Paul Ekman’s Microexpression Training Tool (METT) in reading emotions. I am also practicing Neurolinguistic Programming and mostly about self-improvement, which I always apply in helping others improve aspects of their lives.

As an observer of human behavior and mental processes, I am able to deduce an individual’s personality by applying the theories from the Five Factor Model, MBTI, and Jungian Cognitive Functions as means of profiling an individual.

I am also adept in the field of Social Influence as I have studied Robert Cialdini’s and other authors related to the field—mostly about persuasion and power dynamics

Savipra’s M&P

My Mission and Purpose is to provide the opportunity for people to elevate their level of success and to gain leverage in interactions, accomplishing this by means of clear, concise writing that presents in a systematic way the keys to psychological theories, body language, micro-expressions, decision-based negotiating and social influence.

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